Ginny’s Favorite Cookbooks

pot-and-bowls.jpg  Cooking takes time and when I have the time I love spending the day in the kitchen. That happens about twice a year! Every other day of the year cooking comes at the end of a day’s work -which usually means home at six then cook; eat by seven and clean up by eight. It’s a routine that does not inspire elaborate meals! That’s why, when I get the chance, I love to read cookbooks that will inspire and keep the cooking process ‘fresh’, enjoyable and easy! The “e” words being the most important!Because cooking has to fit into my lifestyle I’m always on the lookout for cookbooks or recipes that fit into my timeframe. Recently I’ve run across two cookbooks that are filled with recipes I can make and have on the table within 30-40 minutes, yet are delicious and fun to make. 

barefootcontessa.gif  At the top of the list, barefoot contessa at home by ina garten. (The title/author information is all lower case, that’s not an error!) The pictures alone instantly ignite the cook within!  Pictures of Garlic and Herb Tomatoes, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Piccata literally spoke to me! 

The first recipe I tried was the Garlic and Herb Tomatoes because the gardens I tended this summer produced a lot of tomatoes, making tomato recipes particularly appealing.  This one takes about five minutes, uses whatever cherry tomatoes you have on hand and the results are very satisfying plus it looks great on a plate!

Chicken Piccata is another yummy discovery and easily fits into a 20 minute preparation time limit. A short list of ingredients adds to the appeal.

This is one book that will definitely appear on my Christmas wish list! 

justonepot.gif  A close runner up, Just One Pot, offers a variety of options, all simple to make with preparation times of 20 minutes to two hours. 

One of my favorite recipes (so far) is the Pork, Sweet Potato and Apple Bake. It takes 15 minutes to prepare, has a 40 minute cook time, combines great flavors, looks good on a plate and tastes great! You’ll find other greats including: Green Curry with Chicken and Green Beans, Vegetarian Chili Supreme and Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds and Honey! 

This is a fun book to read and with over 300 recipes to choose from there is something for just about everyone! It too will appear on my Christmas wish list!

What cookbooks inspire the cook within you?


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One Comment on “Ginny’s Favorite Cookbooks”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    Making bread – it is so easy but takes time. An old cookbook the Tassajara Bread Book published in 19070 by Shamhala Press in Boulder is just what any beginner bread maker needs. Ed Brown explains the basics so well and then shows you how to vary the recipe. In this day of high food price what is more enjoyable and economical than making our own bread.

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