Kennedy Grand Reopening

Kennedy Library Reading RoomSpecial Thanks to everyone who attended the Grand Reopening of Kennedy Library on Valentine’s Day. We don’t have an exact count, but we know more than one thousand people attended. 

Words can’t describe the excitement of the evening. Delicious food, jazzy piano music and gourmet coffee set the tone. The bright colors, sparkling lights, open spaces and vivid artwork made the newly remodeled Library shine!

Customers were so happy to have Kennedy open again. Some came to get books and use the computers. We were, after all, open for business. Some came to see the dedication bricks they had purchased. The engraved bricks in memory of friends and family members prompted more than one person to shed a tear. Some customers were so overcome by the joy of the event and the beauty of the renovated space, that they cried too. A grandmother brought in her young granddaughter to check out her very first book. A gentleman brought his 100 year-old mother to proudly show her the brick he bought in her honor. A local artist was so moved by the evening that he left only to return shortly with two pieces of art he wanted to donate to the Library.

Mayor Sharon McShurley shared comments at the dedication ceremony. Leon Jones, who was the Library Director in 1964 when Kennedy first opened, provided the invocation. Could he have guessed back then that he would play a part in a grand reopening more than 40 years later?  Could he have guessed that the empty field he purchased for the Library all those years ago would turn into the shining jewel it is today? Other speakers included Roger Gilcrest, President of the MPL Board of Trustees and Virginia (Ginny) Nilles the Library Director.

It was a special evening, full of memories, sharing, excitement, fun and friendship. Thanks to all who attended.

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4 Comments on “Kennedy Grand Reopening”

  1. Kathy Burton Says:

    The bricks were the first thing I looked for. Beautiful and quite meaningful. Mine is dedicated to my Papa, Bernard Hannon, who turns 80 this year.

  2. Lucy Martin Says:

    Kennedy looks wonderful! I am so impressed by its new appearance! I love it! Thank You for giving us Kennedy users such a beautiful building to enjoy.

  3. Sally Says:

    Your new library is really enjoyable!!

  4. Katie Says:

    I really love the new library because it is much bigger, and it just looks more modern!

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