Star Wars display at Maring-Hunt

Star Wars displayIf you are a Star Wars fan, young or old, don’t miss the incredible Star Wars display featured at Maring-Hunt Library now through January. Michael Walters, owner of Emperial Props, Inc. and a recognized prop and costume builder is sharing his personal collection which includes a full Darth Vader costume with armor pieces, utility belts, robotic arms, storm trooper blaster guns and more. He is also displaying Star Wars toys such as ships, vehicles and characters.

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3 Comments on “Star Wars display at Maring-Hunt”

  1. Jeanette Stafford Says:

    As a Star Wars fan, I was captivated by the display. I took pictures to show my husband and he was awed by all of the different items in the display. It makes our collection look pitiful. Thanks for sharing your awesome memorabilia. The Darth Vader costume is so cool!

  2. Jesse Privett Says:

    Wow! It was so cool. I have been a Star Wars fan for so long and finally where I least expect it I finally get to see some cool Star Wars stuff. Thank You so much Michael Walters!

  3. Thanks Jeanette, this is the original costume that I created over 13yrs. ago. it has survived many parades, exhibits, birthdays,& so on. i’ve had so many compliments on the detailed helmet, that I built all by hand at my studio here in Muncie. hope all enjoy &
    my pleasure to share my creativity.
    may the force be with you…..always. M.Walters

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