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What can our community learn from Youngstown?

March 11, 2008

Jay Williams has attracted national and international attention since he became the first African-American to be elected mayor of Youngstown, Ohio in November 2005. Williams who was 34 years old when elected, was also the city’s youngest mayor.

His election as the city’s 47th mayor was an historic and stunning upset, and viewed by many political observers as a watershed event in the changing political landscape of the community. He was also the first independent candidate to win the mayoral seat in more than 80 years.

downtown Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown has moved progressively under Mayor Williams’ leadership. The city’s planning and development efforts have been recognized and rewarded by a number of notable national organizations including, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times Magazine, USA Today, the American Planning Association, and Governing Magazine to name a few. The city’s achievements have also been featured on National Public Radio. (From the Youngstown, Ohio webpage.)


Revitalizing Communities with Michael Pyatok

March 6, 2008

downtown business area in Annapolis, Maryland

You are invited to this special presentation by Michael Pyatok, nationally recognized architect and member of the American Institute of Architects, National Affordable Housing Task Group.

Acorn Street in Boston, Massachusetts

Pyatok Architects focuses on community planning, affordable housing, higher density, mixed-use developments and work-to-home zoning and economic development. The firm has won numerous awards. Sponsored by…1859 Forum, Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, Maxon Foundation, Muncie Community Development Office, Muncie Public Library and Mutual Federal Foundation.